Monday, November 23, 2009

Two Stabbed in Roadside Robberies

Two stabbed in roadside robberies

KUCHING: A teenage girl and a man required hospital treatment after they were stabbed and waylaid in separate roadside robbery incidents early yesterday morning.

The incident involving the teenage girl, an 18-year-old from Siburan, occurred around 1.30am at a commercial centre in Batu Kawah.
BRAZEN ROBBERY: The teenage girl’s brother applies pressure on her wounded back while waiting for an ambulance to arrive.
According to the victim, who works at an eatery nearby, she had earlier got off her shift and had gone back to her dormitory to take a shower before contacting her brother in Siburan to ask for some money.

While waiting downstairs beneath the dormitory for her brother to arrive with the money, the young girl said an unknown man wearing a crash helmet rushing up to her from behind and stabbed her once in the back with a sharp object.

As she reeled in pain, the robber grabbed her handphone from her hand and fled the scene on foot.
The girl’s brother arrived several minutes later and immediately attended to his sister after learning of what had happened.

Around the same time, a police patrol team from the Batu Kawah police station which happened to pass by contacted for an ambulance to be dispatched to the scene.
The victim was later brought to the hospital.

In the other robbery, a 35-year-old former bank security guard was also stabbed once in the back after being approached by six youths at Kuching Waterfront.

In the 12.30am incident, the ex-guard was having drinks alone when the youths approached him and asked him if he was interested in buying a handphone from them for a low price.

The victim, who is originally from Lundu, but currently staying in Petra Jaya, told reporters that he requested to see the handphone first, but was then set upon by the youths. During the ensuing struggle, he was stabbed with a sharp object and was relieved of his waist pouch by the group, who then escaped on foot. The pouch, however, only contained the victim’s personal documents.

He then sought help at the nearby Tourist Police kiosk to call for an ambulance, and was sent to the Sarawak General Hospital.

Police are investigating both incidents.

As reported by The Borneo Post, Oct 16, 2009

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